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As the west coast distributor for AltFuel Propane Conversion Kits for Small Engines we are dedicated to providing quality parts that are safe, cost effective, easy to install and efficient.

Our kits are manufactured in the USA.

Using our conversion system is kinder on the environment and your equipment. It is well known that gasoline is hard on your equipment. By using propane you save on repair cost on your equipment. Running your equipment on propane is also 80% cleaner.

We can convert most 1-45 HP gasoline powered engines to run on propane vapor fuel. In general, the kit includes a regulator, intake adapter and hoses from the intake adapter to the regulator and a hose from regulator to an appropriate sized propane tank. The correct intake adapter is determined by the model of the engine being converted. For assistance determining the specific parts needed for your equipment contact us.

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Rising gas prices. Rising taxes. Rising utility costs. Rising maintenance costs!

By converting your gas powered equipment to propane you can save money on fuel and improve the environment. Converting to propane can also prolong the life of your equipment with less maintenance costs. Ethanol fuels are causing havoc on all engines and propane offers a clean, green and cost saving fuel alternative.

Kits are available for residential and commercial use and include such equipment as lawn mowers, weed eaters, golf carts, wood splitters, pumps, ATVs, generators, tractors, leaf blowers, post hole diggers and MANY MORE!

Whether you are an individual or business owner, wouldn't it be great to have something that will lower your expenses? Could you sleep better at night knowing you can reduce your fuel and maintenance costs by 30-40% while at the same time reducing hazardous exhaust emissions?

Call Mary at Sweet Home RV Center at 541-367-4293 for more details or stop in Sweet Home RV Center, 4691 Hwy 20 East, Sweet Home, OR to learn more about converting any 1-45hp, 4-cycle gasoline engine to propane fuel with this simple kit that can change your world.

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We are also looking for Dealers in Oregon, Washington and California.

For a quote on your specific piece of equipment, just fill out this form and fax it to 541-367-2495 or email it to us at mail@SweetHomeRvCenter.com

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